10 on 10, November

There are so many ways to get inspired, to inspire, to support others in this community of photographers in which I belong. The 10 on 10 project is one way. Every 10th day of the month you post 10 pictures. You can do day-to-day, themed, or just 10 faves from the last month. The awesome thing is it's not limited to photographers. Anyone can do it.

I belong to a group of female photographers who are constantly bouncing ideas off each other, posting pics for honest critiques, venting frustration and sharing joys...it's pretty amazing. We also view each others blogs consistently and offer up our praise!

Our blog circle is doing 10 on 10 together. At the bottom of my post you will find a link to another talented and amazing female photographer who is participating. Just follow the links- you're sure to see some fabulous work. :)

As for the 10th of November I'm going with a family/ daily events theme. It started as my faves from the last 30 days, but quickly changed into pics of my family (and feet). Without further ado...

1. Muddy feet. I'm not opposed to creating this opportunity.
2. Walking behind newspaper stands. Dirty, but makes a great image.
3. Baby toes. C'mon. Baby toes!
4. My dear friend snuggling my dear one. This photo is precious to me for many reasons.
5. She loves her Pa, my grandfather. He shares everything with her.
6. Just a quiet moment outside.  She was deep into thought and imaginative play.
7. My little gardener- she's a pixie.
8. Ahem...baby toes.
9. It's hard to leave them sometimes.
10. It's hard to leave him too. I hope he remembers me.

I hope you enjoyed these and will continue on to enjoy more. Please visit Kristin by clicking on her name...